Art Photography in Musee Magazine
Two of the images in my Pulp Photo series appear in the "Temptation" issue of Musee Magazine.

Art Photography in Musee Magazine #2
An image from my Reflecting Honolulu series appears in the "Place" issue of Musee Magazine.

Canon Cameras in the Parks article
I wrote the story and took the photos for this article about Canon's free photo workshops
in the national Parks. This features my photos of Yosemite.

Cover Story -- Edible Aspen
My cover story on the Jacober Brothers who raise beef and lamb. In addition to the cover, flip through to see my photo on the table of contents and all the photos in the story itself.

Delicious Maui
Tom's article about Maui's farm-to-table movement with my photos

Diversion article on Marfa, Texas
One of the strangest--and most interesting--art towns in America

Diversion Magazine Scandinavia article
A pass through the Scandinavian countries by ship

Diversion New Mexico article
Check the credits to see which photos are mine.

Edible Aspen Fall 2011
Turn to pages 23, 24, 25, to see my photos of Cache Cache

Edible Aspen: Slow food
Here's my photo of the officers of Slow Food Roaring Fork.

Everett Potter's Travel Report : Honolulu Article
A look at December 2009 in Waikiki

Everett Potter's Travel Report: Hanoi Article
Here you'll find some of my published Vietnam photos.

Everett Potter's Travel Report: Sea Ranch article
My photos of Sea Ranch are featured here.

Everett Potter's Travel Report: Texas Hill Country
This article features my photos of Texas Hill Country, including the wonderful Becker Vineyards.

Honolulu Farmers' Market
Tom's article about this wonderful market features my photos of it.

Korean Food in Honolulu
Tom's article--with my pics--on the Korean food trend

Passavant author photos
I took the author photos on Tom Passavant's website.

Polar Bear Adventure
Read my article--and see my photos--about Natural Habitat Adventure's Tundra Lodge trip,
the best way to see these magnificent bears.

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